Photography | Our Love Language

I have been photographing my children since the day they were born. Nearly every single day! In fact, my oldest daughter, Tenley, is the reason I started photographing regularly. When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, we were not in a good place, financially. I always dreamed of those beautiful newborn photos that everyone around me seemed to get. Unfortunately, we could not afford to have them done. I had always done photoshoots with my sist

Client Closet

Thanks to my clients, when you book with TNMKphoto, you are helping expand your client closet! At TNMKphoto, every penny gets reinvested into this business. So, THANK YOU! It means so much to me, and I am truly grateful. The selections include anything from vintage, to farmhouse, to fancy. Most sizes range from 4-8, but things are always being added. These outfits can be selected and used in your session with TNMKphoto. This is one of the fairy outfits we provide. The

Top Children's Rentals For Photoshoots

I love a good clothing rental for photoshoots. It provides variety in photos and it is a cheaper option than buying an outfit you may only wear once. Being a Utah child photographer, I do offer some of my own collection when you book with me. Of course, I want to provide my clients with the most options available. Especially with living in Utah, with all four seasons, it is nice to be able to rent according to the weather, without breaking the bank. Below are companies I