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Client Closet

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Thanks to my clients, when you book with TNMKphoto, you are helping expand your client closet! At TNMKphoto, every penny gets reinvested into this business. So, THANK YOU! It means so much to me, and I am truly grateful. The selections include anything from vintage, to farmhouse, to fancy. Most sizes range from 4-8, but things are always being added. These outfits can be selected and used in your session with TNMKphoto.


This is one of the fairy outfits we provide. The train can be taken off. Size 8, fits sizes 6-8.


Fairy outfit #2. Size 5, but can fit sizes 3-5.


Purple gown fits sizes 5 - 10.


Farmhouse outfit #1, size 6.


Farmhouse outfit #2, size 8/10


Size 3/4


Size 4.


Sizes 4/5/6.


Size 4/5


Size 4/5.


Size 4.


This cape is shown on backwards, but can be an added drama to any outfit.


Two Greatest Showman Anne-inspired leotards. Sizes 4/5 and 7/8.


Size 4/5.


Size 5/6.


Size 4-8. It will be shorter on the size 8.


Sizes 8-10.


Vintage dress, size 5.


Vintage-inspired dress, size 8.


More to be added as wardrobe expands. Again, thank you so much for choosing TNMKphoto - Serving Utah County, Utah and the Central Valley, California.

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